99 Cent Store Review: Sen Li

The Sen Li 99 Cent Store at 211 East Broadway has one star on Yelp. ONE. Ok, granted, the reviewer was literally spat upon, but still. Let's not dismiss this place out of hand. Time for another look. 

That thrilling moment of anticipation.

Though it's just a dead cat shy of a "hoarders" episode (I came upon a very recently vacated bed with rumpled covers in the back row), Sen Li is everything that is great about 99 cent stores.

The Sincerest Form of Flattery award goes to: SHOUPIES!

The Why Not award goes to these tiny tasselled hats with hair clips attached!

You'd have to be a COOC to spend more than $2 on perfume!
(This won the award for Thing That I Narrowly Avoided Buying)

I'm unclear about this large domed object hanging over a shelf of candles.
If you can weave through Sen Li's perplexing obstacles, you'll be richly rewarded.

Overall score: 4/5 stars (point deducted for not having a shop cat)
Selection: 4/5 stars; a rich tapestry of the weird, lacking only fashion options.
Prices: 5 stars. The Chamele was literally $2!