frocks with jams

Soundtracks for dresses from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

"Call Your Girlfriend", Body Talk, Robyn, 2010
Waited alone on the cusp of disappointment, disingenuously. Really believed she'd done nothing wrong because love is something that just HAPPENS.

Versace c.1991-92

"Putting the Damage On", Boys for Pele, Tori Amos, 1996 
Hobbies: psychoanalysis & sad sex.

Zandra Rhodes c.1995

"Genesis", Visions, Grimes, 2012 
Petted her New Age philosophies too hard and killed them, then wrote a beautiful, weird eulogy.

Madame Grès (Alix Barton) c.1960's-1980's (dig the 20 year margin of error)

"Big Mouth", Master of My Make Believe, Santigold, 2012
Already has enough friends.

Geoffrey Beene c.1972-73

"You Belong to Me",  Boys in the Trees, Carly Simon (1978)
Has tried every drug; no one knows how she makes money. Utterly inept but surprisingly great at communicating with small children. 

Chloe c.1980

"Baby's On Fire", Here Come The Warm Jets, Brian Eno, 1974
You're worried about her, but she'll be fine.

Halston c.1975