Things Zelda did

From Nancy Milford's Zelda, a Biography of Zelda Fitzgerald
  1. Lived almost completely without physical fear
  2. Fully expected him to perform manfully
  3. Chose basket therapy
  4. Was very plain
  5. Flapped her arms and looked uncouth while she talked about her ballet ambitions
  6. Revealed her pantied posterior
  7. Was unwilling to give up the bright & irrevocable dreams that possessed her
  8. Lived on the festival conception of life
  9. Smashed victrola records over his head
  10. Set out to be as impossible as she could be
  11. Cuttingly referred to his father as an Irish policeman
  12. Dressed in men's clothes with no money or jewelry & prowled the haunts of Jack the Ripper
  13. Had a manner of becoming personal which wasn't really very amusing